19 thoughts on “This One Kiss

  1. Danica
    Me like!!!!!!
    My brain just could not remember how to copy the award you made for me. I loved the green one with flowers, now I remember I will switch out, I’m winging now with a start graphic.
    I think I’ll put my last award on my about me page. It will like nice there.
    That is advice I would give to new blogger, put awards on separate page. I took mine off of widgets and lost track. Okay by me.
    Have a great day. I might be up to a small music or three word day challenge.
    My site reflects what’s important to me now but Advocacy work can get old reading about. I’m thinking for doing my Bucket List Friday again. Simple way to end the week.
    🙂 M

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    1. I’m thrilled that you like this one, M!
      Oh yes, changing the format of your blog can cause problems. I changed my theme and widgets and encountered some surprises! I hope you’re able to sort it out soon.
      I’ll keep you in mind for small music and three day word challenges — thanks for letting me know.
      Your advocacy is important and definitely valuable to all your readers. I agree that it’s good to mix things up a little bit too. Bucket List Friday would be great!
      Enjoy your day, M. 🙂

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      1. I respect and care for you, you know that….give me an opinion on my new theme. I like some of the format, but the header seems dark some days and others it’s perfect. It’s not as cleaned lined as my previous but that’s why I changed.

        Speaking of advocacy, I started about two months ago dedicating time learning via twitter. I follow 34 people, I’m in shock have 955 followers! I’m getting my password worked out and will do my first post for Men’s Movement.
        In my heart, I feel like the 6th grade kid who had a dream and it’s coming thru.
        At times I wish my husband understood the good I’m doing. I’m really doing it and I’m crying happy tears.
        Hugs Baby!

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        1. Yes and likewise, M. I will have a look at the full site.

          Congratulations on your twitter success! That’s wonderful. I’m sure many people appreciate the information and resources you share. Let me know how things go with Men’s Movement.
          It’s definitely an exciting time.
          I’m sure your husband does understand. Sometimes different communication styles can get in the way.
          I’m so happy for you, M.

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          1. You’re wiser than you know!!!!!! Hugs
            I have over 1,ooo followers, it’s freaky and scary. I will send a link to my first couple of post on Men’s Movement.
            My body/mind don’t well together but my heart is intact and God is allowing my deep desire to learn and help to be guided by my heart. Right now I feel like the luckiest person in world.
            If you up, give a song you love to play in the morning.

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        2. I really like the new theme, M! Yes, the banner image across the top appears dark-ish. I’ve only seen it on one computer so it might be the settings. I also like the butterfly at the top by the “no awards” notice. If it were me, I might consider experimenting by placing the categories somewhere near the archives click-down menu. The search option is great, and sometimes people aren’t sure exactly what they’re looking for so it can help people browse around. The twitter feed at the side is also good, and helps people navigate between your blog and twitter timeline. I also like the large headings you use, it makes reading so much easier!
          You’ve done a fantastic job, M!
          I hope this helps a bit…. 🙂

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