The Hog Days of Summer [by Hank the Hedgehog]

Hey, Hank the Hedgehog here.  Have you ever wanted to do something but couldn’t get out of your hut?  Welcome to my world.

Course, I could get out of my hut, physically and all.  But I couldn’t muster up the willpower.  I wanted to hunt a couple bees and flies that came my way.  I wanted to write a blog post a while ago.  I wanted to nap on top of all my bedding and feel the fan breeze through my quills.  I wanted to try burrowing my way to freedom — again.  But I couldn’t muster up the willpower to get my legs in motion.

Then for no reason whatsoever That Human moved my hut — took it right off me and flipped it upside down!


Why, why, why, Human?hnk


As I always say, you can take the hut off the hedgehog but you can’t make him get up.  So, here I am.  Still can’t get up.


Must be the hog days of summer.

Peace out.



25 thoughts on “The Hog Days of Summer [by Hank the Hedgehog]

    1. He snarfled that he loves you too. He’s relieved that at least one human understands him! He crawled out from under his stuffed animals to tell you.
      I’m so glad you’ll be good as new soon, M. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way, and Hank is sending his chicken liver snack to you. 🙂

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        1. He’ll look for something doctor approved for you. Hedgehogs are usually pretty shy but this one likes expressing himself. He’s thrilled that you think he’s a snappy writer. 🙂
          How about a summertime song… Sitting On the Dock of the Bay, California Girls or Boys of Summer?

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