How to Start Your Workday Peacefully: 5 Easy Steps

How are your workdays, beautiful people?  Are you stressed, overwhelmed, tense, apprehensive or filled with a sense of dread as soon as it starts?  Before it even starts?  Would you like to have a more peaceful workday?  Yes, it’s possible!  Without packing it all in for remote tropical hideaway —

Here are five steps to start your workday peacefully.

Step 1:  Leave early

I know, I know, but stay with me, baby.  Arriving early makes a world of difference.  A few minutes to yourself allows you to clear your mind and calibrate your outlook for the day.

Step 2:  Stop at a location you enjoy

Your favorite coffee shop, the 24-hour diner with a jukebox, that park with benches, a nearby church, the lobby of a favorite hotel.  The key is to stop.  Sit down.  Put your things down.  Relax. Even if it’s just for a full minute or two.

Step 3:  Quiet your mind

Now that you’re sitting comfortably, quiet your mind.  Calm your thoughts.  Slow everything down.  Don’t think of everything you have to do.  Don’t stress about any problems.  Focus on your surroundings.  

The piles of newspapers at the coffee shop, the grain of the wood table. The familiar pattern on the dishes at the diner, the clinking of cutlery. The worn paths in the park, the trees and grass, the birds and squirrels. The chiming of the church bells, the light shining through the stained glass windows. The glimmer of the chandelier in the hotel lobby, the scent of the flower arrangements. Notice all the detail. Savor the moments.

Step 4:  Be grateful

Now focus on a small thing you’re grateful for.  Not about other people, this is just about you.  The frothy coffee, the granola bar in your pocket, your new bathrobe, the leftover turkey dinner sandwich you’ll have for lunch, your amazing new miniature Swiss army knife keyring.

Step 5:  Breathe deeply and smile

Breathe deeply; inhale slowly, hold, and exhale slowly.  Smile.  If smiling feels too weird then smile on the inside.  Or smile and laugh and pretend you’re talking into your bluetooth (but don’t, because this is just about you).

Now continue to your destination.  Notice nature’s beauty.  Even if you’re in an urban centre.  Pay attention to the clouds overhead or the cloudless sky. The sun on the horizon or the moonlight. The breeze on your face or raindrops on your hands. The trees along the sidewalk or the weeds breaking through the concrete. Breathe in the beauty of the world.

Now, you’re ready for your workday!

Have a great one, baby.



6 thoughts on “How to Start Your Workday Peacefully: 5 Easy Steps

  1. Wonderful advice, Danica. It’s not always easy to follow but it’s good to have a guide & a reminder of the ideal way to get your work day started. It’s essentially about mindfulness, which I try to practice as often as I can. I noticed that the word “coffee” appeared in 3 of your 5 steps. Do you think there’s any significance to that? 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much, Rich! I agree that it’s essentially about mindfulness, which I should probably include as a tag. I try to do the same and reminders can be helpful. Your keen observation made me laugh! I noticed the coffee references in general… I guess old habits die hard? I can still be found in coffee shops even though I don’t drink coffee. Many have really stepped up their tea game. My writing might also be influenced by the number of people I see with coffee cups in their hands, as well as placing orders via app and dashing in and out of coffee shops. It’s a crazy world. 🙂


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