Human! You’re Not Much of an Angel This Morning! [by Hank the Hedgehog]

Your last post wasn’t bad, Human.  That tune was a little sappy but I can understand chicks dig it.  I have to say, though, the angel thing doesn’t apply to you this morning.

Human!  We need to discuss the state of this nation.Hank 1


I know you got up later than usual but multi-tasking has gone too far!  As a fellow mammal you should appreciate that I have my limits.

Really?Hank 2


Does this eating-breakfast-in-the-sink initiative look like conduct becoming a hedgehog?

Let’s not make this a habit, Human.Hank 4


By the way, nobody cares what your hair looks like. Quills are where it’s at!

That’s not a good use of time!Hank 3


This new food mix is quite tasty, but I still prefer being hand-fed.

Stop rushing me, Human!Hank 5

Quills up!


By the way, that Angel of the Morning song would sound much better rocked up.  Who should cover it?

Vote for your choice!  I’ll share the results in my next post.

Peace out.



37 thoughts on “Human! You’re Not Much of an Angel This Morning! [by Hank the Hedgehog]

    1. Thanks so much, G! I really appreciate the compliment. The camera I used isn’t the greatest so I had my doubts about the quality. The subject is charismatic and photogenic though. He’s definitely an adventure. I’m delighted that you smiled. 🙂

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        1. Yes, it’s definitely challenging! These small creatures move around a lot and quite suddenly, lol. A small tripod is a great idea.
          The lighting here is a combination of a bit of natural light, those energy conservation bulbs overhead, and one of those natural light lamps slightly above and to the side.
          Thanks, G. 🙂 The compliment means a lot coming from you and your photography wizardry! I love your “Ellie’s Perspective” series.

          Liked by 1 person

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