Hey, You’re Wearing Pyjama Pants!

I open the window to the cool early morning.  A light breeze dances among the leaves cascading from the trees.  Puffy white clouds float by the gentle golden sun.

I’m selecting an outfit when I remember that I don’t have to get dressed up today.  I grab a t-shirt and the pants Hank the Hedgehog is investigating for napping potential.  He bristles his quills at me and burrows under a pillow.


“Hey, you’re wearing pyjama pants!”  A big smile greets me as I open the door.

“They’re lounge pants.”

“Nah.”  He reaches over and feels the fabric between his fingers and thumb.  “They’re pyjama pants.”

“Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.”  I say, pulling on my jacket.  “I didn’t think anyone would notice. ”

“I notice everything,” he says.

We walk into the street, navigating around clumps of tourists blocking the sidewalk.

“It doesn’t matter what you wear,” he says.  “Has anyone told you today that you’re beautiful?”

“Has anyone bought you a coffee today?” I smile and open the coffee shop door.




29 thoughts on “Hey, You’re Wearing Pyjama Pants!

  1. Love this post (as always). I went with “Only in a world gone mad” since sleepwear should remain in your home for only you & your loved ones to see. I suppose women can get away with it more easily than men. I’ve seen men wearing those striped workout pants that were all the rage 20+ years ago and I think, “do you not own a mirror?” 😛

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    1. Thanks so much, Rich! “Only in a world gone mad” is in the lead, so you know of what you speak. 🙂 There’s a guy I see almost every day who wears a bathrobe over his clothes. It’s a nice plush purple one and he seems to be living in another dimension. I’ve been wanting to write a post about him. Are those striped workout pants anything like MC Hammer pants? I wonder how many people looked at me and thought, “Doesn’t she own a mirror?” Haha 🙂

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