How to Best Seduce You, My Dear?

So, I was talking with Vinyl Connection about music and the subject of seduction came up, as it does.

I thought I hadn’t used music for seduction purposes.  Then, I remembered accidentally seducing an unsuspecting gentleman one starry night….

Actually, it was daytime, possibly even a Sunday.  The gentleman in question may have been hung over.  I was at the restaurant and in charge of music, naturally.  I scanned through playlists and settled on a 70s mix, smooth and sexy.  Lovely, right?  I thought so too.

“Hi.”  He’d come in silently and was watching me.

“Hi,” I replied.  “What can I get for you?”

“Whatever you’ve got on special.”

“Okay.”  I’d figure something out.  Sometimes people just needed a special.

“I like this music.”

“Oh, I’m glad!  It’s a songza playlist.”  I gestured at the computer.

“I came in here because of the music.”

“It’s a nice change from stuff you normally hear, isn’t it?”

“What time are you done here?”

The right notes do have an effect.


When have you seduced with music?  What’s your favorite go-to selection?



46 thoughts on “How to Best Seduce You, My Dear?

  1. Speaking of restaurants, if a restaurant has a finely chosen setlist, I’m likely to leave raving about the meal – so I guess I can be seduced into thinking food is better than it might otherwise be, if paired with the right soundtrack!

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    1. That happens, doesn’t it? Some restaurants, grocery stores and retail outlets invest in discovering which setlists will generate more revenue. I’d venture so far as to say country music careers have been launched on ability to sell beer in drinking establishments.

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      1. kevin

        Thankfully, there are no existing performances of me butchering that song! Those were private affairs. You just want to hear me sing “hike up your skirt a little more..” You little vixen! 🙂

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          1. kevin

            I love that you added “really did laugh out loud” which, in turn, made me really laugh out loud.

            I don’t know that movie, but it is a lovely little scene. Maybe it WAS my less than stellar renditions of “Crash Into Me” that got me lucky on a few occasions. Hmmm…

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            1. Awesome. 🙂

              The scene is from the movie “Stranger Than Fiction” and it’s even better in context. His character is a little inhibited so exposing himself this way through the song is especially powerful.

              I’ve heard you sing and play so I know your renditions were pretty good. Maybe you had a bit of swagger that worked? 🙂


        1. I’m sure you do a wonderful job of that song! You got me thinking, though, it may not matter if you did actually butcher it. In fact, it may be even more endearing especially in those private affairs.
          Case in point:

          I love this song and Wreckless Eric’s original. 🙂


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