Be Present, Baby

If you are depressed, you are living in the past.  If you are anxious, you are living in the future.
If you are at peace, you are living in the present.
~ Lao Tzu


More often than not we tend to worry about what’s to come, or dwell on something that’s already happened.  We know neither is productive.  It’s beneficial to reflect on ourselves and our past in order to guide our future.  And, while it’s important to consider our future, we need to take care not to hinder our present.

Being able to reflect on our past and inform our future while spending most of our time in the present is life-changing.  The present is all we have.


I’m writing this after trekking through the urban jungle for a couple of hours.  I try to avoid stores during holiday madness and every year it creeps up earlier and earlier.  I dodged Black Friday insanity only to discover it’s Black Friday Week, which used to be a weekend, which was originally a day.  As in, Friday.  Which also never used to exist until that trailblazing COO sent a memo.

It’s a symptom of a bigger problem, of course:  our need to distract ourselves from ourselves.  It’s not even December and Christmas decorations are everywhere.  Everywhere.  I understand we created our consumer society, but really?  We’re nuts.  More precisely we’re manic, but nuts will do just fine.

Good thing we’re beautiful, baby, because we’ve lost control.  Manufacturing desires that can never be satisfied, which is the point.  We always need the next and the next and the next.  Forget that Christmas is synonymous with rampant consumerism, now we can’t even wait until December much less Christmas Day.

But, guess what I saw today?  A whole assortment of new drones.  How awesome would that be?  A drone!  But, if you get one it makes sense to have two….

Excuse me for a moment.  I’ll be over there.  Quietly in the rain.  On this November day.  In this moment, this moment that is ours, as it slips through our fingers.



38 thoughts on “Be Present, Baby

  1. I have come to a point in my life that I do not dwell on the past or the future.

    Also, I start thinking of Christmas on Christmas Eve.

    As for Black Friday, I did buy myself some music, but shopping for others can wait until Christmas Eve.

    Speaking of Black Friday, today is now called Cyber Monday. So I guess it’s even more than a week. Next year it will be television Tuesday, workwear Wednesday etc.

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    1. You’re in a good place.

      Music is art, a gift that keeps giving and a lifelong love. There’s a distinction.

      When I found myself looking at drones — with great interest — I knew it was time for some fresh air.

      I try avoiding those things that are for the sake of stuff, the next newest upgrade or the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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      1. Aaron at KMA wants hipsters to stay away from our beloved record stores and start collecting toasters.
        They will be the greatest thing FOR sliced bread.

        All this toaster talk makes we want to seek out some old Muchmusic videos of John Gallagher giving away 2 slice toasters.

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        1. Beloved record stores are in all kinds of danger! In addition to hipsters, RSD was overshadowed by Black Friday. I heard one tiny mention of RSD this year and that was by a DJ.

          Toaster technology is pretty impressive. All that and funky retro designs too. Have we created a toaster market for hipsters?

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      2. As for drones, I should have one but do not.
        I guy I know has one, and his videos are cool, but I think they will be something that a person will tire of. Also, if you get one, watch where you use it.
        It could be in a no fly zone. Also, be careful. I have read of a lot of injuries.

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        1. You should have one; you’ve been thinking about it for a while. This could be the new kite-flying hobby and relaxing pastime.
          As long as there are some not-too-inconvenient fly zones you should be okay. I know I’d be sad if my drone got shot down.
          I imagine once people familiarized themselves with the controls it should be safe enough.


  2. Thank you for this post, Danica. Ironically, it was just the “in the moment” break I needed after a good but hectic Thanksgiving weekend filled with unpacking & finally beginning the set-up of my “media room.” I’m still a week or two away from everything being up & running and I need to navigate the semi-stressful decision making process regarding a new TV. All in all not much to complain about, but the Monday after a long weekend can be a bit nerve-racking, and I’ve rarely if ever taken part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I’m usually good with decisions but once you start reading online reviews, which range from “best thing ever” to “worst piece of junk,” your brain gets clogged with nonsense. You’ve helped to remind me that I should just make a choice, and if I’m not happy with it, I can always return it & get something else.

    As Mr. Burns once said, “push out the jive, bring in the love.” 😀

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    1. Wow, what exciting news about your media room! That’s been a long time coming. A major and/or important purchase can be stressful. I don’t give much weight to online reviews; there are so many variables — user error, secondary market sales, refurbished resales, etc. My approach is to go to an established storefront that has a good return policy. If it turns out to be less than desirable then it’s returned. I use online resources mostly for product specifications and exploring options. Then, I know what I want.

      It’s an exciting time of things coming together!

      Thank you for that great quote. 🙂


  3. J.

    I learned it was Black Friday on Black Friday. I didn’t engage with it. I don’t really understand it. I don’t need to.

    I try to focus on the now as much as I can. Admittedly my attention can wander to either the past or future, but I like to think I can bring the focus back to what’s important… the positives. It doesn’t always have to be worry.

    However, no doubt that we can live too often outside the moment.

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    1. I’m impressed, J! I don’t know how you’ve done that but keep doing what you’re doing! I thought I’d successfully avoided Black Friday only to discover it’s a weeklong affair. I wasn’t even safe going out to get soap. I found drones! Lol.

      It must be those waltzes. 🙂

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  4. Great words of wisdom Danica. I never fell for the Black Friday nonsense and I resent Amazon for bringing it to the UK. I used to pick a day in December, say the 10th or so and do all my Christmas shopping that day. I never had any problems.

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    1. Thanks very much, Michael. Did Amazon start this madness everywhere? It’s sad that it’s now spread across the pond too. I was wondering who got the whole thing started, you know, patient zero.
      December 10th is a very reasonable Christmas shopping day. Hopefully you can hold strong to that this year.

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        1. Lol… we’re out of control. Maybe it’s too late.

          I saw some small appliances on sale around town, but not significant discounts. Now, if they had a line of Hipster Toasters that would be different….


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