You. Know. I. Can. Make It Last Forever, Baby [Better Than Chocolate]

Better Than Chocolate is a beauty of a movie about love, courage, personal growth and discovery.  It takes you gently by the hand for a light-hearted journey through serious issues.  These themes of censorship, book banning, freedom and equality are close to my heart.  And, of course, love.

The Better Than Chocolate soundtrack is one of my favorites.  I have fond memories of the CD that was held hostage and disappeared.  Long story.  Luckily, I have several of the songs in digital format.  It’s the perfect accompaniment whilst dancing around the house in your unmentionables and cooking dinner.  Oh, and it’s just shy of subtle and may offend delicate sensibilities.

I’ll let the music tell the story.


You know I can / Make it last forever, baby / Baby, let me.  [~Sexy]


You’re a wild one / I like your smile / You do amazing things / I can’t believe / You’re everything.  [~Perfect Fingers]


You’ve made me stand, longer than I thought that I could take / Bring me to the end / And softly back again / Tell me that you need / Something I can give.  [~Night]


It’s deeper than you’ll understand / Love and fantasy / They cloud the corners of your mind / It’s nothing like you thought you’d find.  [~Pure (You’re Touching Me)]


I’m not a f*cking drag queen.
One lovely day a gentleman caller was picking me up and this song shuffled on.

“May I ‘elp you wit dat?”
I’m not a f*cking drag queen.
“Sacré bleu!”  He jumped.  “C’est quoi ca??”
“Oh, sorry,” I said.  “Let me change that.”
“Ça va.  Un moment while I re-orient myself ‘ere, ma chère.”


Movie scene dialogue:

Judy:  “I want to ask your advice.  Love advice.”
Lila:  “You’ve come to the wrong place.”
Judy:  “I’m really attracted to someone, but I’m not getting anywhere.”
Lila:  “Lunge at it.  That’s my new philosophy.  If you really want something, lunge at it!”
Judy:  “Really?  What if it doesn’t work out?”
Lila:  “Well, in my experience things don’t really work out anyway.”


imgComplete Track List:

1.  Sexy – [West End Girls]
2.  When I Think of You – [Melanie Dekker]
3.  32 Flavors – [Ani DiFranco]
4.  Julie Christie – [Lorraine Bowen]
5.  Perfect Fingers – [Tami Greer]
6.  Let’s Have Sex – [Studio Kings 2.0 w. Trippy]
7.  In My Mind – [Trippy]
8.  My Place – [Edgar]
9.  I’m Not a Fucking Drag Queen – [Peter Outerbridge]
10.  Stand Up – [Ferron]
11.  Night – [Feisty]
12.  Long Gone – [Kelly Brock]
13.  Pure (You’re Touching Me) – [West End Girls]

Purchase album here:  Better Than Chocolate [Soundtrack]



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    1. I’m not sure what kind of release the film had. It may not have made it to the large cineplexes. They did a good job with it. I might have delved a little deeper into some of the themes, but that probably would have made the film more serious and less comedic. The soundtrack is fun and I should probably replace the CD.

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