The Beautiful Girl I Met Today

“I need ten cents more,” the cashier says.

“Really?”  Had I mistaken a nickel for a quarter?  I dig around my bag, in which I’d stored previous purchases.  And a book.  And my scarf.  Where is my little change purse?  Evidently, I hadn’t returned it to its designated spot.

“Here, I have change,” a voice behind me chirps.  A woman behind me steps forward and her handful of change bounces and rolls around on the counter.

“Thanks, I have it, I just need a moment to find it.”

“Oh!”  She hastily retrieves her change, believing she’d offended me.

I locate a dime.  Plink.  The cashier drops it into the register and hands me my mixed nuts.  You know, the kind with cashews and hazelnuts.  Unsalted.

“Thanks again.”  I turn to the girl behind me.  “That was very kind.”

She brushes her blue hair away from her pierced eyebrows and smiles back at me.

The kindness of strangers.  Mixed nuts on sale.

Some days the beauty of our world is just too much.



19 thoughts on “The Beautiful Girl I Met Today

    1. Ah vill nevah reveal zee secret!
      Well, ok. It’s like your music filing system but with inconsistently-sized variables. Each item has a designated spot or area. The system works well when everything remains in, or is returned to its assigned location. When that system breaks down, havoc can ensue.

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          1. I should do a video.

            All lines have 5 people except 1 line that has 1.
            I go to that line and I wait twice as long.

            Every damn time.

            The biggest issue of.posting this is it would be banned from WordPress due to the excessive cuss words.

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    1. Thanks very much, Rob!
      I’m so honored that you selected my blog as your Feature Blog for December.
      I’m impressed with your interviewing skills — you got to the heart of the in-depth interview and captured the essence.
      Just when I think I’m familiar with your talents, you reveal some more!
      Thanks again for your all-around awesomeness. 🙂

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