Play-by-Play with The Revivalists [To Love Somebody]

The Revivalists like the Bee Gees’ classic “To Love Somebody” and have played it a few times.  I heard this rendition first and ended up deciding I like it.  How did I arrive at this conclusion?

I offer you my play-by-play impressions:

“To Love Somebody”.  Great song.  Oh, these guys.  I like their songs “Wish I Knew You” and “When I’m Able”.  Okay, click.



[0:06]  A shirt with a collar.  Nice.

[0:10]  Love that steel sound.

[0:15]  Drums are a bit loud.  Maybe muffle a bit, or balance with other instruments, or wait altogether?

[0:20]  “Truth.”  Poli Sci major?

[0:36]  We’re going to have horns!

[0:47]  I see how his voice works with this song.

[0:54]  Emotive quality already.  Good sign.

[1:03]  Dude!  Did you just wink?  Focus.  You’ve got a classic song in your hands.

(Finger hovering over the X to close the window.)

[1:05]  I do like that pedal steel.

[1:16]  Hey, is that the bass player’s gym t-shirt?

(I should make something with those rice noodles.  Pad thai?  How necessary are peanuts, exactly?)

[1:32]  Nice.

(Finger moving away from the X.)

[1:36]  I love the sax.  Pretty much all the time, and it’s good here too.

[1:40]  Oh, yeah.

[1:55]  Here we go.

[2:16]  Beautiful.

[2:22]  Great camera work.

[2:33]  Drums are perfect now.

[2:42]  Click, click, click — all the parts falling into place.  What a moment when it happens.

[2:53]  Drums + Vocals = Excellent balance.

[3:03]  Smooth like butter.

[3:21]  Damn.

[3:24]  Oh, yeah!

[4:21]  Yeah!

[4:39]  Nailed it!

[4:47]  Love it.


Here are the Bee Gees performing their original song, “To Love Somebody”:


“To Love Somebody,” performed by The Revivalists.
Written by:  Bee Gees.
Video posted to youtube by user Audiotreetv.

Bee Gees’ video posted to youtube by user Pia0815007.

Purchase Bee Gees original “To Love Somebody” here.
Download The Revivalists’ Audiotree Sessions here.


18 thoughts on “Play-by-Play with The Revivalists [To Love Somebody]

    1. Yes, it’s a great song and it’s brave of bands to take on such a classic — especially with that vocal quality. The Revivalists rocked it up a bit and stamped it with their own sound in this rendition, which I ended up liking. I’m happy that you did too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! I’ll look for another posting of that one. It’s in The Revivalists Audiotree Sessions. They’ve done other renditions but they sound a lot closer to the Bee Gees’ original.
      P.S. 1537 taught me everything I know. 🙂


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