Welcome to One-Hit Wonder Group Post!

Step right up!  Get it while it’s hot:  One-Hit Wonder Group Post!

One Hit - Heading

On January 27th a magnificent myriad of music-lovin’ bloggers wander into the world of one-hit wonders.

The kid is hot tonight

Some artists come out of nowhere and vault to the top of the charts.  Others finally break through after years of steadily releasing music.  Flashing like meteors or creeping like turtles, they hover at the heights of popularity.  They dazzle and delight!  And, disappear?  Some do.  Others enjoy lengthy music careers — without seeing the same level of popular success.

If you do it right, once is enough

A song that hits all your right notes, keeps your toes a-tappin’, your hands a-clappin’ and carries you away is enough to win a lifetime of love.  Mae West would agree, no doubt.

Come on over and see us sometime

What’s your favorite one-hit wonder?  Why are some artists never able to shake that label?  What is it about the hit song formula that allows some to touch — but never hold it?  Do we expect artists to follow a hit song with another?  Should we?  Is it even important?  Just play us that one-hit wonder, baby.

Join in and have your say!

You may already know these bodacious bloggers.  If not, don’t be shy!  They’re witty, warm and welcoming.  You know what to do…



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One-Hit Wonder Group Post: Sacrifice for a new nirvana… [timeweleftthisworldtoday, blog]

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You Started This Fire Down in My Soul [Living a Beautiful Life, blog


One Hit 9


Do you have a One-Hit Wonder post you’d like featured here?
Let me know in the comments section below or via the contact page.
The only rule is don’t talk about one-hit wonder that your post somehow relates to a one-hit wonder.


Next Event:  A Community Collaboration March 3, 2018.
Stay tuned!



21 thoughts on “Welcome to One-Hit Wonder Group Post!

    1. Thanks again, David! Your question prompted the type of discussion we’re looking forward to! 🙂 (What constitutes a one-hit wonder? And more topics, no doubt.)
      I agree with Bruce, “Radar Love” is a great song and hope you’ll join the event! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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