Human! Bring Me Back Some Spiders? [by Hank the Hedgehog]


“What?  No, it’s my towel now.”  It’s the closest thing to camo I’ve found in this place.

“You can have my pink blanket with the flowers.”  The spider eggs I hid there were mighty tasty.  That reminds me —

“We’re low on spiders.”

What’s her problem?

“Since you’re going out anyway and I’m being held captive.”

Shhh.  Don’t tell her I can smell that cold outside air from here…burrowed in my toasty almost-camo towel….

Peace out.



28 thoughts on “Human! Bring Me Back Some Spiders? [by Hank the Hedgehog]

                    1. That’s a great idea! I’d love to read along. Whenever I come across old TV shows I think of how it reflects a time and place… I saw Sanford and Son for the first time and the commentary on race relations got my attention.
                      Sometimes they’re just really good shows too.
                      Haha 🙂 You know a lot more than you let on.


                    2. I used to watch Sanford and Son with my dad.
                      70’s tv was not PC.

                      That show, The Jeffersons, All In The Family would never fly today.

                      Archie Bunker was a dumb bigot. We knew he was dumb, so we laughed with him and at him at the same time.

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                    3. Yes, some of the dialogue is a bit jolting. I got that impression too, and how other characters would attempt to enlighten that one character… seems to be a theme across several shows.

                      You already have the makings of a blog series!


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