The “Tagging Myself” Post

I saw this on Art by Rob Goldstein and joined in! It also hints at the upcoming post I’m preparing.

Here are the questions I can answer, followed by those I skipped:

Q: Have you ever been in love? Ah, yes.

Q: What is your favorite drink? Matcha tea, strong.

Q: What is your favorite show? Twilight Zone; Oz; Breaking Bad; and, Walking Dead.

Q: Something you really miss? My popcorn popper that caught fire.

Q: Where do you go when you are sad? Meditate in a hot-hot shower.

Q: Have you ever been in a physical fight? No.

Q: What is your favorite color? Purple.

Q: Loud music or soft? Loud, baby.

Q: Favorite actor? Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable. Or, Dean Winters in the Mayhem commercials.

Q: Do you have any fears? What are they? I can’t think of any which seems weird. Maybe I’ve repressed them.

Q: Meaning behind your blog name? I believe it’s important to live as beautiful a life as possible.

Q: Last time you said you loved someone? An hour ago.

Q: Last book you read? Emily Post’s Etiquette.

Q: The book you are currently reading? A few on the go: Where My Heart Used to Beat, by Sebastian Faulks; A Dog’s Way Home, by W. Bruce Cameron; The Time Keeper, by Mitch Albom; and, Mexico, by James A. Michener.

Q: Last sport you played? Boxing-light, basic training exercises.

Q: Last song you sang? ‘I Can Almost Hear You Sigh’, by the Rolling Stones.

Q: Favorite food? Anything someone else prepares for me.

Q: Place you want to visit? The Arctic Circle.

Q: Favorite flavor of sweet? The bittersweet variety, dark chocolate.

Q: What instruments do you play? Do spoons count?

Q: Favorite piece of jewelry? The ones that were gifts.


Additional questions:

Q: What is your favorite song?

Q: What is your zodiac sign?

Q: What is your favorite band?


You’re invited to participate!


18 thoughts on “The “Tagging Myself” Post

  1. J.

    Four books on the go at one time! That’s impressive… I’ve been telling myself I’m gonna read more this year, but I just can’t bring myself to it. If it wasn’t for music, my brain would rot.

    And yeah to visiting the Arctic and liking your music loud!

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    1. Reading takes time and focus, both of which can be challenging! I don’t have a TV so that helps. I could spend all day listening to music too.

      Visiting the Arctic would be so interesting! Maybe I’ll make it there one day. Loud music is the only way to go. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

          1. J.

            Yeah – I tend to limit telly to one show at a time. I just finished the latest Black Mirror and I’m not quite sure what to hit next! Though I may just spend a wee bit more time getting to know a bunch of new records I bought.

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  2. Well, alas I am behind in reading many of my good friends who blog posts. I liked how you brought out comments on a wide variety of subjects, Danica. I like to go back to the first missed post: February? Yikes!
    My favorite band changes! I like Boston this week!
    My favorite song: “This Guy’s in Love with You.” I get the shivers! Oooh! The video of him singing as he holds a girl’s hand and then they are sitting by a stream is really sweet. 🎶 My zodiac sign is Scorpio. 🦂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Boston is an excellent choice! I understand how your favorite band changes too!
      A romantic song and perfect for our new spring season! Some of my favorite people are Scorpios, and I’m not surprised it’s your sign: passionate, clever, complex, resilient and so much more. 🦂🌹


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