Humans! “Your Song” Party Time! [by Hank the Hedgehog]

Heads up! The Your Song blog party is happening in 10 days — Saturday March 3rd to be exact.



The theme is singers/songwriters. You can do a post about anything as long as it relates to a singer/songwriter (plural or singular) in some way.


An event page will be created here Saturday March 3rd and all your links will be included.  There’s room for everyone to join in, share, read, discuss, high-five, whatever moves you.  I’ll have bowls of spiders, crickets and mealworms.  Dog’s bringing surprises from the alley.


Pick up your artwork here. You can include any of the “Your Song” images in your post, if you want.


Need more info?  See the original invitation: You’re Invited to “Your Song” Blog Party!  Hit me up with questions.  No time to be shy.

All humans welcome!  Non-humans preferred.

What should we write about, Dog?  Yeah, man, I like “Who Let the Dogs Out” too.


“What’s that, Human?  I’m not doing anything.  Just hangin’ with Dog.  What?  Wasn’t me.  Yes I’m sure, Human.”

Never ends, man.

Peace out.



16 thoughts on “Humans! “Your Song” Party Time! [by Hank the Hedgehog]

    1. Best news I’ve had all day, man! That Human woke me up this morning… I tried Quills Up! Didn’t work.
      I’m going to check the Beastie Boys’ catalogue for a hedgehog song. Their name gives me hope.
      ~ Hank the Hedgehog

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