Welcome to Your Song — A Community Collaboration!

I’m delighted to present Your Song — a community collaboration!


On March 3rd some of the blogging world’s brightest beacons shine a light on that alluring element of the art world:  singers/songwriters.

These badass bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bloggers contribute a kaleidoscope of reviews, career highlights, biographical stories, montages, listicles, unusual experiences, memories, personal anecdotes, fictional works and more.

They’re a warm, welcoming and chin-wagging group so swing by and share your thoughts on each unique contribution!



(This list will be updated throughout the week of March 5th, 2018 —
There’s still lots of time to join in!)


An Intellect in Search of a Mind [Art by Rob Goldstein, blog]

Your Song – Singer/Songwriters – Neil Young – Time Fades Away Album Review [BuriedOnMars, blog]

Your Song – Singer/Songwriters – Album Review: Rainbow: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (1975 LP) [Boppin’s Blog, blog]

Welcome to Your Song — A Community Collaboration! (Leonard Cohen) [Ivor.Plumber/Poet, blog]

Top five tunes: Billy Bragg [My (Life In) Music Lists, blog]

John Frusciante – The Empyrean [KEEPSMEALIVE, blog]

HANDYMAN BLUES by BILLY BRAGG Story by Vin Maskell [Stereo Stories, blog]

Your Song – Singer/Songwriters, Songwriter/singers! [1001albumsin10years, blog]

Your gravestones mark the past my friends, your bank balance marks the future… [timeweleftthisworldtoday, blog]

Richard by Nadia Reid [Aphoristic Album Reviews, blog]

Harum Scarum Court Cases: A Whiter Shade of Baroness Hale [andrewcferguson, blog]

“Your Song” Blog Party *Everyone is Welcome* [Looking For The Light, blog]

Great Rock Albums of the 70s: Alice Cooper- Welcome to My Nightmare [80sMETALMAN’S BLOG, blog]

Metal’s Founding Fathers- Pt 1 Jimi Hendrix [80sMETALMAN’S BLOG, blog]

Bloodstock 2016: Friday- Twisted Sister [80sMETALMAN’S BLOG, blog]

I Wanna Be Your Hedgeho-o-oggggg! [Hank the Hedgehog, blog]

You Looked at Me and I Looked at You [Living a Beautiful Life, blog]


Your post [ YOUR BLOG ]

Your post [ YOUR BLOG ]

Your post [ YOUR BLOG ]


~ Stay tuned! ~
This contributor list will be updated throughout the week of March 5th, 2018.


Would you like to participate?
Send me your post link and I’ll include it, above.

Your post can take any format with any type of content as long as it somehow relates to a singer/songwriter(s).
The field is wide open!

Need more artwork?
See original “Your Song” invitation here.




Previous Community Events:

One-Hit Wonders

Blog Dylan



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