Ah Oui, Guys Like That…. [Beauty of the World]

“Who’s that?”

“You noticed him too,” she said to her friend.

“I think everyone did.”  They laughed.

“You gave him your number?”

Her friend smiled.

“Les frissons….”

“Les gars comme celui-ci….”

“Be careful.”

They looked at each other.  Too late!

“Well, what else is life for?”



Beauty of the World: In this series I use an “untranslatable word” in a story. These wonderful words capture the beauty of languages around the world.


Untranslatable Word:
Frisson (French, n.): a sudden feeling of thrill, combining fear and excitement.


For more wonderfully untranslatable words, see:



19 thoughts on “Ah Oui, Guys Like That…. [Beauty of the World]

        1. Maybe you’ll blog about your experiences in Switzerland and Paris sometime. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you’re a walking encyclopedia, Rich. That’s what makes your blog such a delight. There’s nothing useless about it. 🙂


          1. Thanks, Danica. My blog may be a not-useless delight (I’ll let others decide that), but my brain is another story. 😛 As for writing about those trips, it’s unlikely unless I can find a musical angle…but I never say never. I have a trip to Spain coming up later this year. Perhaps I could tie it in to the Hoyt Axton song “Never Been To Spain,” a big hit for Three Dog Night (although the many live Elvis recordings are my favorite versions).

            Liked by 1 person

            1. A non-useless delight — thanks for making me laugh, Rich. 🙂 I’m sure there could be a musical angle to your Spain trip. I love that song and featured it here on the blog a while ago. I’ll look for it… I’m using the app right now so navigation isn’t the greatest.


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