Is She Feeling

“I’m gonna miss you, baby”

He leans back

“I’ll miss you too”

To capture

“I’m glad I got to meet you”

This red sun

“It was serendipitous”

Ablaze for them

“Does my age bother you”

Is she feeling

“It’s less important”

When summer’s gone

“I have maybe ten years”

Long enough


To the young

“We set out tomorrow”

He looks away

“Don’t run aground”


“Maybe I’ll send you a ticket”

The moments held

“I’ve never been to Iceland”

And passed by

“Me neither”

Their sun dropping into the waves



“Feeling That Way,” by Journey

Video posted to youtube by journey0910

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32 thoughts on “Is She Feeling

  1. Just read a article that Neal Schon has been going after reporters who review shows inaccurately! The guys caboose is loose!
    I copied and pasted this from Variety…

    The latest flare-up started when Tampa Bay Times music critic Jay Cridlin gave Journey’s area arena show a positive review Monday (Aug. 20). Schon, bypassing the flattery, wasn’t pleased when Cridlin noted that Schon played an extended solo with “some honest-to-goodness heart… before ‘Wheel in the Sky,’ as the band scrolled photos of the late Aretha Franklin on screen behind him.”

    In response, the critic first got two emails from Schon’s publicist, Tom George — not to be confused with the publicity firm Journey employs as a group — asking for a word change from “the band” to “he” “to make it clear it was a tribute from Neal to Aretha.”


    Former Journey Singer Steve Perry Releases His First New Song in 24 Years (Listen)
    ‘American Idol’: The Final Three and What You Didn’t See on TV
    When the writer balked at the publicist’s “odd” request, as he explained in a subsequent column, a more detailed email came in from Schon himself, again demanding sole credit for the photo of Franklin appearing on screen, while throwing shade at their management for allegedly not wanting him to get too much glory.

    “The correct way to say [it is] Journey’s Neal Schon did the tribute to Aretha Franklin. That would be honest journalism of what it was and is,” the guitarist wrote to the critic. “The only ones that knew what I was planning were our lighting director and designer. I often do something new EVERY NIGHT. Nobody knows really what it will be. It is my solo section (by myself to do as I please) as Steve Smith and Jonathan Cain do every nite. It’s called improv and that’s precisely why it’s different every night.” (As Cridlin pointed out, Schon had Instagrammed himself doing an identical tribute at a previous show.)

    “The audience loves it every single night,” Schon continued. “It seems that management has more of a problem than anyone as it’s me by myself and tend(s) to get tons of media press that’s not necessarily branded as a Journey brand or song. God forbid lol what’s good for me in the end is good for all.”

    While he was at it, the guitarist had some other credits he wanted to arbitrate. Schon registered an objection to the reviewer referring to Ross Valory as Journey’s “founding bassist” — a seemingly uncontroversial contention, since Valory came on board in the year of Journey’s founding, in 1973, and he’s appeared on every album from the first one to the last save for one. Not that Schon was making a case for a different founding bassist; he just wants sole foundational credit. “I myself started the band with ex-manager Herbie Herbert,” Schon wrote. “Everyone else came afterwards including Ross Valory. You can’t rewrite history man. It is what it is.”

    Not surprisingly, perhaps, reaction on the Tampa Bay Times’ site as well as in social media has involved a lot of use of the D-words — “douche” and “diva” — although Schon certainly has his fair share of online defenders who take his side when he takes a contentious attitude toward other past and present members or the group’s management and publicists.

    Schon went on the warpath with another media outlet last week, too, tweeting, “Ultimate Classic Rock article is full of shit,” in response to a story with the headline, “Neal Schon Shoots Down Talk of Journey Reunion with Steve Perry.” The website replied, “Which story are you talking about? The only thing we’ve done on that topic was this one, which you retweeted two days ago… It was a positive story.” Schon subsequently tweeted that it was a “positive, great article” except for “miss leading (sic) headline that drives Google and that’s why they do it, to create drama.”

    Last year, Schon went into battle on Twitter with members of the band who went to the White House and posed for a photo with the president — a visit presumably instigated by keyboardist Jonathan Cain, whose evangelist wife, Paula White, has acted as the president’s spiritual advisor. “I think the RRHOF has gone to everyone’s head,” he tweeted. “Not me.” He soon tweeted a chart, borrowed from Wikipedia, of how long every member had spent in Journey, and specifically took on current singer Arnel Pineda, leading Pineda to tweet, “Just so you know, I have no problem being an #expendable #entity. nothings #permanent in this world.” The oddest thing was that these exchanges were happening while the band was on tour, which seemed then, as now, to be no obstacle to taking things public.

    This past February, as the band announced a joint headlining tour with Def Leppard, Rolling Stone asked Cain, “Is it hard to be on the road with someone that’s bashing you on Twitter day after day?” “It’s something that you tolerate,” the keyboardist answered. “Everybody has to vent.” Of the White House brouhaha, Cain said, “Don’t go to the fans about it. If you had a problem with it, talk to me. I never heard from him.’”

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      1. HAHA…Journey is plain and simple out for the cash only!
        Good on Neal on calling that stuff out about his bandmates and such. But he should relax in the credit dept….sending out letters and stuff is goofy….

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        1. Their tour dates must sell out? Maybe they travel separately. Wonder what the demographics look like, if there are a lot of new sales because of the new lineup or if it’s mostly the same people who have adjusted to a new vocalist….

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          1. In North America they are doing stadiums with Def Leppard and making a ton of loot! So money is not an object!
            I watched some youtube clips from this tour and they look awkward together….no stage chemistry…
            The only way this band would interest me is if they get Perry back and fire the other guys. Not to sound harsh at all..haha

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            1. Def Leppard are still sounding good. I’d see Journey with Perry. I feel the same way about the Eagles and their new lineup. A different situation, but I guess I’m a bit of a traditionalist that way. Had a conversation about the Eagles changes on the sidewalk and strangers around us ended up stopping to jump in with their opinions. It was pretty funny, people can have strong opinions about band changes, credit, continuing with the original name….

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              1. For sure. A friend of mine and his wife were in Vegas a year or two ago and they went and seen Foreigner. Mick Jones was sick so the show still went on with their rhythm guy playing leads! No original members. My buddy said most people did not notice..
                Years ago here in Thunder Bay Lou Gramm was coming to town. They at first advertised the show as Foreigner and man I wish I had kept the original add as it was quickly changed to Lou Gramm playing Foreigner…hahaha
                I still wait as Lou has a great voice but I knew what I was paying for…

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  2. I loved the gradual build up of your poem, and I liked your interesting reference to Iceland, as coincidently I’m listening to an Icelandic band, Solstafir at the moment, you might enjoy their music.

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    1. Thanks, Ivor, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. The Iceland reference was inspired by a sailing journey (not mine). I’m intrigued by the Icelandic music you’re listening to… maybe you’ll post about it?


    1. Thanks very much, J. It was challenging to write, to convey just the right message… I think it worked. There’s another song that sounds great played back-to-back with this one. Maybe I’ll do a follow up post… I might even ask what’s up with Perry and why he’s not on the road with them… that could open a whole other level of discussion. 🙂

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  3. kevin

    I dream of moving to Iceland. I romanticize it as this mythical place where I can get away from it all. Especially during this relentless heatwave of a summer we are having here. Danica, take me away…

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