Leo’s Story & Thank You

A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who read my most recent short story series, tentatively called “Leo’s Story”. And to those of you who asked for more: You’re the reason I continued writing.

Eleven short chapters and posts later, I’m continuing to write — it turns out there’s more to the story than I anticipated when I posted what I thought was a standalone piece of flash fiction, “Eggs In the Basket.” (But you knew that, didn’t you?) Some of the scenes you’ve read will be fleshed out, a few more will be added, and there may be a small surprise or two.

Is there anything you’d like to see in this story? I’d love to hear your thoughts, insights and opinions.

Please let me know in the comments or via the contact page.

Thanks again to you all — you’re awesome! The best in the blogosphere 🙂

4 thoughts on “Leo’s Story & Thank You

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