4 thoughts on “Leisure: A reading

  1. Wonderful. Thanks for posting this classic from the Welsh poet, writer and adventurer WH Davies.

    I also like from him the line:

    “Fame’s field is full of flowers, it dazzles as we pass, but men who walk that field starve for the common grass.”

    His book ‘Autobiography of a Super-Tramp’ is a must read, and tells his adventures tramping in Britain and North America, and how he lost his foot. The book inspired the music group ‘Supertramp’ to take their name.

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      1. You’re welcome 🙂 It was good to see that gem once again. Yes, the autobiography is well worth the read. Another true connection is the American hiker Chris McCandless of ‘Into the Wild’ fame, who went by the pseudonym of ‘Alexander Supertramp’ in honour of WH Davies!

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