Seagull Visiting and Chatting — Crow Intervenes


Well hellooo there, Ape Descendant.

How are you, Dinosaur?

The party last weekend wannint the same without Hank the Hedgehog.

Not the one at the old warehouse across town? The one that was in the news?

Uh-oh. Wellll, guess we donna need to cover for him anymore.

I had an idea of his nocturnal activities.

Anyhoooo…. Are you getting my good side? *Squawk*

You always look good, Gull.

Betcha you say that to alllll the velociraptors. *Squawk*

Only you.

You’re realllly leaving the heron and geese inna the background? *Squawk*

Of course.

[Crow marches toward Gull.]

Uh-oh. Crrrraaap. *Squ-squ-squawk*

[Crow: indistinct.]

Gotttsta fly.



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