Intermittent Fast – Week #4 (OMAD x 2 + 16:8 variation)

Welcome to my fourth and final fast for this experiment, beautiful people!

The plan was intermittent fasting once a week for one month. Week #1 is here.

Has it already been a month? It sure went by quickly!


What happened this week?

This week comprised: OMAD x 2 + 16:8 (variation 20:4).


Incidental OMAD happened twice this week. I just wasn’t genuinely hungry.

Since I wasn’t planning to fast those days, I had a cup of coffee in the mornings with MCT oil powder.* (My new beverage of choice.)

I’ve experienced unplanned OMAD a few times now, so I’m concluding that my system is becoming accustomed to a little less food, or becoming more efficient, or both.


16:8 FAST (variation 20:4)

I had planned a 16:8 fast and ended up doing a variation of the 16:8 fast, which was 20:4, or 20-hour window without food, and 4-hour window with food.

I could have pushed through to a 24-hour fast, but it didn’t feel necessary.

Since I’ve already experienced 24-hour fasts I wasn’t curious. I’m also not trying to lose weight or make medically-recommended adjustments, so there wasn’t a need.

After doing longer fasts, this one was relatively easy and I don’t have anything new to report — until the next day.

What happened post-fast?

The day after my 20:4 fast, I had daydreams of bread and butter that became full-fledged yearnings. Not very exotic, but I think it meant my system was too low on carbs, fat and possibly salt.

After some time pondering the situation, I decided to pick up freshly baked olive loaf with whipped butter. Seldom has anyone loved the combination more in that moment, I’m sure.



What did you notice during this experiment overall?

  • Distinguishing between habitual, anticipatory and genuine hunger became reflexive.

  • My approach to food became more purposeful.

  • My meal portions became reduced.

  • Tastes and flavors became more pronounced.

  • The only condiments I used were Himalayan salt, and later, butter.

  • I became more alert and energized (not dramatically so).

  • Avoiding snack foods was easy.

  • I need to make a point of drinking more water, in general, in life.


Will you fast again?


No hesitation?

None. I’ll continue fasting every couple or few months, and slowly build to longer durations.

I’d like to try a 48-hour fast. I’ve learned enough to know that to do so safely, I need to increase my fasting times gradually.

Have you achieved your goal?

My purpose remains self-mastery. The experience has already been educational and rewarding, and I imagine there is more to be discovered.



Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice and the author is not a medical practitioner. Please consult your health care provider before attempting to fast, to be sure it is safe for you to do so.




*It’s categorized OMAD and not a fast because of the coffee and MCT oil. For further discussion, see Week #2.


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