5 thoughts on “Verses Made the Night Before He Died: A reading


    Back in time to wish u a Happy Halloween, Danica!

    So sorry I’ve been away for too long – health problems and too many other crises affected my writing.
    But I’ve got too much unfinished work on my Dashboard and want to sort it all out, and pronto! Of course, tried to return last month, but the new Block Editor was forced on me, and it took forever trying to revert back to Classic.
    More importantly, I’ve missed u and your blog, and look forward to catching up. Btw, this Post is quite special.

    Hope u enjoy this – the 1st of many more to come:


    Have a great day! 🙂

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      1. Aww, thanks so much, Danica
        I have put in some writing here and there these past few months, but it’s been inexplicably difficult to complete the most basic stuff.
        Hopefully, I shall v quickly get back into my rhythm over this winter – it’ll b great to have u along for the many more posts and projects to come.

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