Blessings in Disguise

Opening the door against the crisp air, I felt a soothing sense of familiarity. A time that felt both long ago and like yesterday.

“Yes, the dark roast please. Good guess.”

I surveilled the restricted, distanced seating and chose a table by the window.

“Your dark roast.” The barista nodded at me from the counter. “Freshly brewed.”

“Always worth the wait.” I thanked him and turned back to my table in time to see someone who had previously been standing behind me pounce on it.

Really? Really? Is this what the world has come to?

I briefly contemplated standing my ground and defending centuries of good manners. But, I only had a limited amount of time here with my serenity.

Instead, I looked over the thief’s shoulder to the patio offering seating in the crisp autumn air. It was a bit chilly, but why not?

I settled into the wrought-iron chair, my scarf up under my chin. Sitting in the sun, under the pale blue sky, framed by leaves of green, orange, red and gold, even my hair felt warm and sunkissed.


And to think that I almost missed this moment, at my original indoor table.

Thank you.

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