Back to Blessings

“Yes, that one from Costa Rica. Just a small size, please.”

“You sure? The next size up is almost the same price.”

“That’s probably more coffee than I need, but why not live on the edge.”

Handing him my card, the total flashes in green light on the register screen. “Is that right? I think it’s a mistake.”

“This one is a special reserve roast.”

What’s good for scotch drinkers, I suppose.  “Is it worth it?”

“Yeah,” he nods. “If you don’t think so, bring it back.”

When my black mug of special reserve is ready I walk past the ever-present line of laptops to the outdoor patio area. Empty. My new favorite spot.

The moment of truth. Mmm… yes, worth it. Definitely. The rich, smoky liquid softening the sharp chill in the air.

Sun shining through the trees, wisps of flossy clouds gliding across the pale blue sky. The backs of my hands already feeling the chill, but my palms warm against the mug, I wonder, not for the first time…

How did I get so lucky?

Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Back to Blessings

  1. The ever present line of laptops, the overpriced coffee, the half caf soy latte with extra foam orders and the air of pretentiousness have kept me out of coffee shops my entire life.
    That empty patio sounds like it can almost make up for all of it though.

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