Norwegian Beauty Secret of Cats [The Cat Chronicles]

Click! The dark amber bottle lid comes off with a snap. I slowly pour and the little cat springs onto the counter in a smooth soundless motion.

Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! Familiar… but from where, where?

Holding the full tablespoon with one hand, I replace the lid with the other.

It was a port! Somewhere! Purrr purrrr…

Felix lets his tail trail along my forearm.

Mrrrowww! Reeewow!

“Care to join me in some cod liver oil?”

He delicately laps from the spoon I’m holding.

“It’s a Norwegian beauty secret.”

Norway! They were generous with their catches of the day! They were! His whiskers quiver as his lids narrow to a blink. In appreciation of their offerings, we cats let them in on the beautifying properties of cod liver oil.

“I guess it would be more aptly termed a tradition, and less of a secret now.”

Puurrrr chirrrp! Eyes closed, his head back, How long ago? Long ago?

Prrrrr purrr prrrroooowww

Felix sees himself dashing down the dock in search of his favorite shipping vessel. One, two… eleven, twelve… twenty-two! Twenty-two lifetimes ago when I first tasted this elixir. Twenty-two.

His eyes widen in anticipation of a hunt, hard-won, long ago. Unblinking, he jumps to my shoulder, nuzzles my ear, then drops to the floor.

Everything does come full circle. Purr purrrurr… Full circle.

“I’ll be back shortly.” Wrapping my scarf around my neck, I tuck the ends into my jacket. “Will you be able to manage another nap in the meantime?”

Stretching, his back arching over the blanket, he rolls over and fixes me with a gaze.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Purr purrr prrrr!



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