The hedgehog who broke my heart….

Here it is -- the post I've been putting off. Hank the Hedgehog has died. . He lost interest in mealworms one day. Yes, the guy who would do flying leaps into a pile of mealworms couldn't be coaxed to have even a bite. He must be bored of them. Then he stopped eating his …

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Human! Bring Me Back Some Spiders? [by Hank the Hedgehog]

"What?  No, it's my towel now."  It's the closest thing to camo I've found in this place. "You can have my pink blanket with the flowers."  The spider eggs I hid there were mighty tasty.  That reminds me -- "We're low on spiders." What's her problem? "Since you're going out anyway and I'm being held …

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January’s Featured Blogger: Hank the Hedgehog

Hey, Hank the Hedgehog here. Guess what? Rob over at Art by Rob Goldstein interviewed me! What a blast!

The stuffed animals are still for sale if anyone’s interested. I’ll also accept trades in any wild game, a motorcycle or bus tickets to anywhere.

Thanks again Rob — you rock, bro.

Peace out.

~ Hank the Hedgehog

Art by Rob Goldstein

I’ve never thought of Hedgehogs as pets until I ran into Hank over at Living a Beautiful Life. After I interviewed Danica, I researched Hedgehogs and decided to interview Hank the Hedgehog.

Hank the Hedgehog Hank The Hedgehog

I sat down with Danica and Hank over a lunch of cold meal worms and
began our interview:

When did Hedgehogs start to become popular as pets?

Hank:Hedgehogs first became popular as pets in North America in 1980-90.

Are the hedgehogs kept as pets in the U.S. born in the U.S.

Hank: Yes, all hedgehogs kept as pets in the U.S. are born in the U.S.

How does Hank feel when Danica blogs about him?

Hank: When I first noticed Danica blogging about me I took over immediately    because I’m curious and like to explore new things.  Danica quickly realized that I prefer speaking for himself.  I’m small but I have a strong…

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